breaking out…

and making a lamp.

Yes, I said, a lamp!

To be honest, it wasn’t exactly hard.  You buy a kit at one of your major craft stores that come ready to assemble into a bottle lamp.  The hardest part was trying to figure out how I could have twinkle lights and a lamp top…  most samples I have seen are either one or the other, but I had to be difficult and shoot for both…  so I did!

I saw these at the Kane County Flea Market one Sunday for like $55.00 each.  She had it so that you could toggle the switch – twinkle lights only, lamp top only, or both…  I am not an electrician, so I just did it as two separate switches.  Too complicated to figure that out.   That, and, I didn’t really want to start a fire.  So, instead, I used a regular lamp kit light and then used battery twinkle lights – I hot glued the battery pack to the back of the bottle…  probably not the best solution, but it works!

I am just super happy with how cute it actually turned out for being my first attempt!  Anyway, just wanted to share!



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  1. very cool…never say never!

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