was a while ago now, but I still wanted to share some pics and a story…

Owen was supposed to be muscle Batman for Halloween.  (You know those costumes with the built in muscles and abs that make a 4 year old look like a stud?!?!?!)  Well, do to a major mishap – the costume got tossed in the garbage…  so on Halloween morning…  we headed to Target.  Owen has never seen Star Wars, only the Legos, but wanted to be Anakin Skywalked desperately.  So, at Target we got the costume – Lightsaber and all…  After a lot of tears, crying, and yelling, the  new costume was purchased and we headed to my mom and dad’s for trick or treating…

Please meet Jacob “Buzz Lighyear” Hamen


and Owen “Anakin Skywalker” Hamen


Two heros together…


And, finally, Anakin vs. the Willow Tree




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3 responses to “halloween

  1. too cute for words. I can’t wait to see the page.

  2. Lisa

    They are so cute!

  3. Danielle Eaton

    Hey- I love these pictures- they are so wicked cute! I miss you guys!

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