There are moments in life that are precious, even if they only last 5 minutes. 

Last weekend, when we went to my parents’ house for Halloween, my mom made a point to have a special project for the boys.  It was something I loved doing as a child – making paper chains.  Do you remember those?  You peeled them apart and licked them; they were in pastel colored strips and you just linked them together like crazy… 

Well, in 2008, they are a tad different.  They come with a glue stick and are on patterned paper.  Pre-cut and ready to go, but a bit cooler now…  The boys had a lot of fun for those 5 fleeting minutes.  I enjoyed watching them – I sat back while mom played with them and helped them, watching it through a camera lense.  It was amazing to see and to capture it all… 

Just thought I would share the pics…  sometimes the smallest events can add the most to our days.








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2 responses to “moments

  1. What a great moment! I loved making paper chains as a girl. Didn’t know you can buy a kit 🙂

  2. onlysleepn

    That brings back memories. My cousin and Iused to cut up construction paper and make super long chains that stretched from upstais, down to the living room and all around. It was so fun!. Her grandmas also taight us how to cut up old cards to make our own, and how to make paper snowflakes. =)

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