that is what I am doing right now…  spinning.

With all of the travel I have had and still have left this week, as well as all the stuff with selling the house and Matt looking for a new job, my head, my body, everything feels like it is spinning.

I am finding, however, that certain things help to slow me down and pace myself:

  1. classical music
  2. a pretty fall tree
  3. reading to the boys – Owen loves the “Black Lagoon” series right now
  4. NOT watching tv
  5. reading for myself
  6. breathing
  7. listening more than talking
  8. being grateful

I know these sound simple, but sometimes just stopping to breathe for a minute is all I need to get back on track…  either that or a good nap on the plane… 

Okay, enough of the wonky posts…  later!


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  1. Marlene

    I just checked in and saw you sold your house! Congratulations!!!!! I have been praying so hard for you guys! Keep us posted on everything and my offer to help with anything is still open!!!! (my computer is down, so I’m using Dan’s and can’t find your direct email–therefore a post on your blog!)


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