more fall photos…

Again… at my parents’ house…

They have this huge yard with all the trees a kid could love in the fall.  The boys had a blast raking the leaves and jumping in.  It was another one of those times when the time goes too fast and you just want to hold onto it and to the kids for a little longer…  There is just something about the crunch of those leaves, the sounds of laughter, and the crispness in the air that just makes you feel alive.





leaves4 leaves5 leaves6 leaves7leaves8 leave9 leaves10



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7 responses to “more fall photos…

  1. Great photos… looks like the boys had a blast.

  2. Kelly Jo

    The 1st photo is just precious. You can ‘feel’ the Love. Sending happy thoughts for a smooth and quick closing on your house. =)

  3. Alex S. #3614

    Darling pictures!! I need to go play in the leaves now!

  4. marla#3291

    Adorable fall photos Stephanie – those will be fun to scrapbook.

  5. Danielle Eaton

    those pictures are sooo sweet….P.S. you are gorgeous! love ya sis.

  6. These are beautiful and warm. I love fall leaves. As a child I jumped in piles of leaves with my brother and sister. It was an annual event. How fun the memories.

  7. hi steph!
    finally found your blog:) sorry i’ve been mia lately, life happened.
    hope all is well with you!
    please email me your snail mail, i’ve got something for you.

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