blink and a week

has gone by…

So much to share with all of you…

Frantically trying to get my BPS stuff together for my Project Now class…

Going through all the final inspections on our house and we are putting in a bid on a house in Wisconsin later today…

Had to replace the furnace in our current house – found problems at inspection – was 30 years old…

Working like a mad woman.

Glad to be home for 12 days in a row with my family.  Thanks to the holiday and all the recent travel I have done, I get to be working from home this week.  Really needed time with us all together.

Sometimes I feel like life just happens so fast…

Anyway…  will have more to share later.  But for now, back to work!



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5 responses to “blink and a week

  1. Tammy

    Glad things are going well. Have a great Thanksgiving!

  2. yeah on the house, hope it all goes well. But remember we will miss you.

  3. Patty W (2832)

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and the family !

    {{{{HUGS}}}} I can’t even imagine how hard the last few months have been for you…being away from your family and traveling..

    Congrats on the house…luck with new one!

  4. Patty 2262

    Glad to hear your house is sold. Good luck in your new home.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Patty (third one in a row)

  5. Lisa

    Yipee! One house sold, another about to be purchased! That is great news as it means soon all of you will be together under one roof….what a wonderful thing to be Thankful for, huh?

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