happy thanksgiving

Wishing you all a very Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours.  Enjoy your day with food, family, football, and friends.  Give thanks and remember to someone or something to be grateful for this year.

Now…  off to eat some turkey!



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2 responses to “happy thanksgiving

  1. Patty 2262

    Steph, just curious, do you do the black friday thing? I just got back. I love Thanksgiving weekend, but I miss my sister though. She couldn’t come up from Chicago this year, my first T-Day without her in years.

  2. Alex S. #3614

    Awwww!! I didn’t know my sister commented…I was about to comment and say happy T-day to you and then I read her comment (sniff, sniff)! I went to visit “the other side” of the family…my husband’s family. We usually go to my sister’s…but this year I gave in and said we could go to his family’s T-day celebrations. It definitely wasn’t the same…but what can you do! I still had fun. Steph, do you have any brothers or sisters??

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