quick and easy

I love little gifts that are quick and easy, but still handmade.  This is one of those gifts.

As a scrapper, I truly believe in the importance of photos, as I think we all do.  I think that a great photo in a personal frame makes a great, lasting gift.  I used to just buy frames, throw a picture in it, and call it a day.  Now, however, I have decided to alter the frames or at least create cute little mats.

Just wanted to share how I do it…


First, I pick a frame with a pre-made mat.  This makes the whole process 110% easier.


Next, I used my adhesive on the inner and outer rim of the mat and cover it with paper.


Using a craft knife I cut out the inner and outer edges of the mat.



For this one, I then decorated the mat with some embellishments.  My frame was for a 5×7 photo, but had a 4×6 photo.  I used a coordinating paper to line the back of the mat to add the photo to.


Finally, I added a little flower and my photo and put it all together.


I honestly did all of this in the span of about 20 minutes over my lunch hour. 

I just think it is a fun and pretty way to not only give a photo, but to give a little bit of yourself as well.  It is another one of those “little touches” that I think adds to any gift.

Thanks for reading and I will be back with more ideas!



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9 responses to “quick and easy

  1. debby

    this totally rocks! mind if I try it out???

  2. Tammy

    Awesome!! I love altering frame. It just adds that personal touch.

  3. Ginna G

    Love the frame. It is beautiful and so personal.
    Great Idea. I sure won’t look at matted picture frames the same way now. I’ll see possibilities.
    Cute THXS

  4. Patty 2262

    Thanks, the frame idea is awesome. It does add a personal touch to the present. I usually send the g-parents pictures of the kids for Christmas. They all live so far away.

  5. marla#3291

    I love this idea Stephanie. I need to try and alter an item like this. What a great gift.

  6. Alex S. #3614

    That looks great!! I have a picture I’ve been wanting to give the grandparents…now I know what to do!! Off to Michaels for a frame!!

  7. Beautiful frame!! Um…craft mat on my work desk. Yup! That sounds like a fun job. LOL!

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