one word

can make all the difference in your life. 

I think that this year I have been living proof of that – daily!

As I look toward 2009, I think about 2008.  My word, as most of you know, was “change” and what a word to pick.

In less than a year, so many things have changed in our lives, but we stepped out together, as a family, and took multiple leaps of faith.  Blindly, at times, but always together.  I can’t thank Matt enough for believing me whenever I kept saying, “I just know it will work out.  I feel it.”  For him to trust my gut, when even I doubted it at times, is saying a lot.  None of this change would have happened without him, and, for that,  I am forever grateful. 

The kids also need big kudos, as it has been a longer journey than expected.  My boys are real troopers and I love them so much.  Owen and Jacob, I wish you could read what mommy is saying…  but I know that you already know because I tell you all the time. 

So, as I look toward 2009, I find myself hard pressed to find a word.  I have it narrowed down, but after seeing how much this years’ word did, I want to be very careful and yet smart about what I choose.  I want it to build on this year of change, but also launch us into the next year with a real spirit and drive… 

I challenge all of you to find a word for 2009 – a year of change in our country, a year of hope, a year of possibilities…  What will you do with one year in your life?



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5 responses to “one word

  1. my word is going to be confident. I want to become more confident in myself, my body, my thoughts, my grades, everything.

  2. Patty 2262

    I would have to say that my word would be Faith. I have faith and I’ll need it in the next year. If we lose jobs, move, or have to make due with less it’s because things happen for a reason. Faith that there is someone watching over me at all times has gotten me through alot of tough times.

  3. Alex S. #3614

    Thanks for the great message! It really makes you think. My word is optimism because I feel like I am an optimistic person (even when times are down). Somehow…I still have a little optimism for everything! My husband is the opposite of me, so I feel like I am the one who has to keep the family up at times. I don’t mind it…it makes you feel good when you are optimistic and things end up turning around. If they don’t I always find a reason for it (it usually makes us stronger).

  4. Tammy Tutterow

    How about “forward”?
    I am so proud of you for the leap of faith you took and the way you all took it as a family. The way you believed and the faith you demonstrated is inspiring. You believed in the dream and chased it down.

    I think of you often now when I get a fortune cookie and often think “never doubt the power of the cookie’s message”.

  5. Laura Casey

    I think, at least one of my words will be:


    Finish those projects…finish that TO DO list…finish/finalize….get it done!


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