rr and bh

are my bff’s – I wish!

Rachael Ray – again…  we all know that this is a dream of mine – to be on her show.  Well, we had the chance to meet her again last Thursday, and this time, I took the boys!  Owen even got a kiss from her on the cheek.  Needless to say, he is still talking about it!  Jake, who is in love with her, hid behind me the whole time, but clutched his copy of Yum-O! like it was never going to leave him again.

Bonnie Hunt – is my favorite, however…  See, Bonnie is a Chicago girl who gave up her regular gig to persue her dream job…  sound like anyone we know???  Different dream, but same idea.  I have watched almost everything she has ever been in and I am a huge fan of her.  She now has a daytime talk show that needs a craft person – like, say, me – to come on and do some projects.  We will be bff’s…  maybe… someday… or at least, in my mind we will be!

So, another goal for 2009 – get on one of these shows and craft my heart out!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, yeah, and I want to do a fun project with Ty for his magazine… 

Why not dream big?!?!?!?!?!



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3 responses to “rr and bh

  1. Lisa

    Dream big! Sometimes those dreams come true! I love how you inspire others to do the same…

  2. Laura Casey

    Hey…if anyone can dream and have things happen … it is you !! I have faith….!

    Huggs, Laura

  3. Patty 2262

    I picture you doing it Steph. If anyone can you will. Definitely dream big.

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