i am a lousy scrapbooker

I have been so busy trying to get the house as “normal” as possible, that the camera has been in a bag in the closet.  No pics of the boxes in the living room, no pics of the piles-o-packing paper, nothing… nada… zip… zilch…  Man I suck!

Well…  I am at work today, recovering from another 16 hour day of trying to unpack and organize everything…  it is nice to be here and not there…  still sore and just hapy to be sitting in a chair.  I was so tired that I hit the snooze 5 times this morning, and then, fell asleep in the bathtub…  who does that?  This girl, that’s who!

Anyway…  hopefully I can get my act together here shortly and start some sharing!  Hope you all had a safe and wonderful New Year!



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3 responses to “i am a lousy scrapbooker

  1. Michelle 3624

    Oh you poor thing that is tired. .. hang in there at least you were all together last in the same city and everything.

  2. Laura Casey

    I ache just reading all you have had to do! You are superwoman in my book !! Pretty soon, it will all be done…and your routine will be old hat! Get some rest…and enjoy being HOME !

  3. marla

    Stephanie I hope you are getting settled in and enjoying your new place. Take care and have a GREAT NEW YEAR!!

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