the house

Okay… I finally have some pictures.  Now, granted, I had to take them at night, flash and lighting issues, but you will at least get the idea.

What has been interesting to me is how much happier we all are in this house.  We all have room to be individuals, rather than a collective unit.  Not that it is massive – it is a small ranch with a basement… but, for us, it feels big.  We were constantly on top of each other all the time, with no room to spread out at all.  One toy on the floor and the house was a mess…  now… it’s better.

So… here are a few pics…


Basement fireplace… not real usable, so I made it pretty instead…  my only decorative touch to the Hamen Trio’s Boys area… 


The furnace room that will eventually, hopefully, also be my craft haven…  This room is off of the boys’ area in the basement…  but, it has a door… that I can shut!


Our dining room table… first, it is actually in a dining room, and second, it is not covered with papers, mail, kids’ stuff, etc…  it is actually available for eating – what a concept!


Our upstairs living room fireplace, which is usable, and which I plan to enjoy more once we have a couch in there that I can curl up and read books on…


My birdhouses… this little spot just makes me smile…

So, anyway… those are a few shots.  To a lot of people, it is a small little house… to us, it is home.  Even without furniture in spots, and boxes still scattered about, it feels more like home than I ever dreamed.  I am at peace when I walk through the doors and I finally feel like the boys have a place that they can truly call home…  Hopefully, as things progress and we paint, etc… I can share some more pics. 

Thanks for all the well wishes, thoughts, and prayers…  without that, I am sure that this would have been a harder process!



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13 responses to “the house

  1. iscrapbecauseicare

    It’s wonderful! Its so nice to hear how happy you are in your new home 🙂 Can’t wait to see more pictures as you make it your own!

  2. Patty W (2832)

    It’s lovely! And I love the birdhouses! Warms my heart.

    And you know they say HOME is where the HEART is…you are all together now as a family in your new home with all hearts combined as one.


  3. May

    Looks like a great house for you and your boys!!! 🙂

  4. Lisa

    It looks lovely Stephanie….and very homeish! Congrats on a successful move and in being all together again!

  5. marla

    Stephanie so glad to see you settled into your new home. I love what will become your craft area. I covet one of those but will have to wait until I move somewhere larger or a child leaves home. Enjoy each other and your new surroundings.

  6. Michelle 3624

    It is adorable and I so know what you mean it has to be home when you walk in the door a house just calls out to you to become your home.

  7. Christine C

    Looks lovely, I am very impressed with how organised you look already, enjoy the new space and having your family with you.

  8. I’m so glad you and your family already feel at home and are enjoying your new space. Everything looks lovely.

  9. Mary Mc

    Glad I took a peek today over here aww Steph your house looks awesome cracked me up when you spoke about your dining room table and how it can be used as one now…Doesn’t it feel good to have lots of room lol enjoy the space won’t take long and it will seem like you need a bigger house lol!

  10. I like your style.
    Can’t wait to see your creative space.

  11. Holly

    You have a beautiful home Stephenie and the bird houses are the perfect touch.

  12. RitaS

    So glad you and your family have a new home and you are all under one roof!! Congrats Steph! That furnace room will make a great creative space -speaking from experience!

  13. Merlene

    It looks like a warm inviting home! Enjoy and may you have many happy memories here.

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