lots to say, lots to do,

and not enough time to do it all before I leave today!

I have a lot to blog about, so hopefully I can get going later tonight and share a ton of stuff over the next few days… everything from a haircut, to CHA, and a new bag I love…  silly stuff, work stuff, creative stuff and more!

Today, however, I want to share one thought…  when they predict windchills of 40 degrees below zero, is there actually a word to describe how cold that truly, honestly even is?  Frigid doesn’t even seem to fit!  Anyway, off to load more stuff for CHA pallets, drink coffee to stay warm and alert, and then head home around lunch time so that Matt can go to two interviews this afternoon… 

Later gators!!!



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2 responses to “lots to say, lots to do,

  1. Bet of luck to Matt with the interviews! (will “break the leg” be appropriate? LOL)

  2. How about “Uber-cold” or just “Aiyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”

    Stay indoors!

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