a case of the mondays…

I love that movie – Office Space.  I know I have written it before and I am sure that I will write it again!  It is the truth however, and as they say, the truth will set you free…

So, to be truthful, I have a case of the Monday’s…  a quiet day at work, but boxes for CHA on my desk, items that still need to ship, things that still need to get here to be shipped…  plus other fun regular kinds of things.  Today, I shall say, is frustrating. 

Another thought is this…  Sometimes, being Type A and having to do everything yourself is actually the best option, no matter which way you look at it – this is especially true when others tell you that, too…  because the other option is so bad that the outcome will not be good…  cryptic, I know, but…

Okay… needed to vent today – thanks for letting me! 

For letting me vent, I promise to post a new project I just completed, along with a video how-to to go along with it!!!



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5 responses to “a case of the mondays…

  1. marla#3291

    Stephanie – I will be anxiously awaiting the video!!

  2. Danielle

    I had one of those Mondays today too- it took me 2 hours and two trips today to do the simplest of errands..hahah- on of which involved mailing something to the US- but then getting home and realizing that I know i didn’t pay enough- – – which then led me to thinking, so will it get to its destination?- so i went back, sifted through piles of mail (myself) until i found mine and then added the further 30 cents to it…hahah….whatever- there’s always hope for Tuesday huh?
    love ya sis!

  3. Oh my friend, I wish it were tuesday also. between the girls making me crazy, and packing up christmas merchandise at the store I need a drink, and I’m not just talking water. looking forward to your newest project.

    ps my prize never got here

  4. Lisa

    Perhaps we could start a type “A” club? LOL

  5. Tammy

    I totally dislike Mondays, but the way I try yo look at it is if I can make it though Monday the rest of the week will be a breeze. Can’t wait to see your new project.

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