monday morning gratitude

Do you ever have those weekends that leave you exhausted, but so thankful and grateful…  Well, I did.

My parents came to visit, we saw Matt’s family, and we just had time together.  Nothing happened to send me into some sort of spin or anything… just time to be with family.  For that I am grateful.

Here is my gratitude list for today:

  1. a comfy cozy new house
  2. watching the Grammy Awards
  3. Fun shoes
  4. Matt, Jacob, and Owen
  5. creative time and creative space all my own
  6. An amazing job
  7. My family – and time to be with them
  8. pink fuzzy slippers
  9. fruit smoothies
  10. iPhone apps

Some things are trivial, but I am grateful for them, none the less…  I feel like starting out Monday morning in gratitude just starts the week off right…



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2 responses to “monday morning gratitude

  1. Debby

    I note that when we show our gratitude for the little things we appreciate the bigger stuff even more.

  2. Laura Casey

    It always is the comforting little things that make life special !

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