Today I am not feeling the flow, as they say…  I woke up in a funk, even though the sun was shining and it was supposed to hit 55 degrees here today… 

I decided that I needed to do something to break that funk – so, at lunch, I did some crafting!  I made Valentines!

I took a pile of stuff and just started playing and this is what I got!


2 3 4

5 6

7 8 9

101 11

12 13

Now, I am feeling the flow again… and thinking this afternoon will be a tad bit prettier…



Filed under Crop Girl Creations

9 responses to “valentines

  1. I Scrap Because I Care

    Super cute 🙂

  2. LOL! LOVE the cards……you can sure tell you are a Fiskateer/work for Fiskars!!!

  3. Merlene

    You always make my day brighter! I agonize for hours over designs and you whip a bunch of cards out on your lunch hour. Amazing!!

  4. Patty 2262

    I love the cards…thanks I needed some inspiration.

  5. marla#3291

    Great job Stephanie – How lucky you are to be surrounded by such fun things at work.

  6. Sondra

    Those are great!

  7. Debby

    It’s nice when a good scrap puts us in a creative mood. Great cards.

  8. Laura Casey

    You just needed some hands on therapy !

  9. bonnie weiss

    I can’t think of a better way to “break a funk”…very creative!

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