a bittersweet goodbye…


to dairy.

Yes, it is true.  I am saying so long to the bulk of the dairy that I normally would consume.  (a single tear rolls down my cheek at this point..) See, here is the story…

For years, well, for as long as I can remember anyway, I have had stomach problems and sinus problems.  Just about 12-18 months ago, it really got bad and I ended up on medications and getting lots of fun tests run, etc…  this I will not go into.  The main answer was that all of my stomach/intestinal problems were stress related.  Well, heck, I could have told them that without the tests!  I hold a lot of my stress there – all the women in my family do – and I know that a lot of it was stress.  Now that the stress is under control, however, and life is feeling much more pleasant, I couldn’t figure out what was causing some of my current flair-ups.  So, I started to keep a journal of what I ate, and guess what – my love of all things dairy… cheese, milk, ice cream, and more cheese… appears to be the root of my problems. 

I figured this out about 2 weeks ago.  At the age of 33, I finally can see my problem.  Then, this weekend, I ignored this knowledge and ate the following, all in one day…

Cheesy hashbrowns with my breakfast, cheese curds from  The Old Fashioned (if you know about these, you can not turn them down!), as well as a cheeseburger for dinner. 

Let’s just say Saturday night and all day Sunday, not feeling so hot… 

I should have known!

Now, for the completely ironic part…  (imagine Alanis Morrisette’s “ironic” playing softly in the background) we just moved to Wisconsin…  land of cheese.  Where they have a website to pair beverages with cheese. Where a cheesehead hat is a symbol of the state.  Where the cows are so happy that they make the California cows look depressed.  Where they used to ban fake butter.  I live in the most dairy-centric state in the union and I now know that dairy is not my friend…


So, fairwell dear cheese, for I will miss you.  I am sure we will meet again, in much smaller amounts, and our relationship will never be what it was.  Know this, however, fair cheese, I will not forget you…



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15 responses to “a bittersweet goodbye…

  1. I have recently discovered the very same thing for myself… totally a bummer as I love cheese, yogurt well basically all things dairy so much. So glad you figured it out. You will feel much better pretty much instantly. I am able to have a little here and there without issues. I hope you do too.

  2. Marlene

    I am so sorry to hear this, but hopefully it will make a huge improvement in how you feel. Good luck!

  3. change is hard, good luck, stephanie. you are such a strong woman, i know you can do it!

  4. hey dude…that stinks!!! i remember the trouble you were having at CHA in july…i’m glad you finally got it all figured out! at least you already liked iced soy chais, right? LOL!

    i can’t believe i haven’t seen you since then! have i?? no, i don’t think so! i miss you and i’m so glad you are settled in your new house! we need to plan a get-together soon!

    i’ve been doing lain’s LOAD and so far i’ve kept up!! talk to you soon – take care…and stay away from the curds, dude. step away from the curds. they are *not* your friends!

  5. Amy Harle #60

    Oh, Stephenie – I’m sorry to hear this news, but glad you were able to finally figure out the root of the problem. DH is severely lactose intolerant but we’ve had wonderful luck finding great soy based alternatives (I make a mean non-dairy lasagna…who needs ricotta when you have tofu?? my girls love it, I kid you not!!). Also, he can still eat many hard cheeses, including sharp cheddar. Just check the packages – if there’s 0 grams of sugar, you’re safe (that is, of course, if the lactose is the issue). ALso, I make mashed potatoes w/ soy milk and soy butter and no one knows the better 🙂 Good luck!!!!!

  6. I hear your pain, love dairy products. Have you tried some of the lactose intolerance products on the market. I know someone who just takes a small pill before eating dairy and then has no problems. Good luck

  7. Amyre

    OH, I am SO VERY SORRY to hear the news! I don’t know what I would do. You are probably going to start dreaming about eating cheese, so eat a bunch when you do. hee hee. Happy Belated Birthday too!!!

  8. Laura Casey

    I know….I know love soy milk (LOVE vanilla Silk) and tofu is getting better and better….The less dairy I eat…the better I am….I’m not much of a cheese eater anyway (thank goodness) ..small doses here and there…I do like certain yogurts..and they like me back.
    Living ever so close to Vermont is rough (yet another popular cheesy state !) but…there are other temptations…I LOVE ice cream…and I have to watch it !! This is harder to give up than cheese !
    Glad you found your sourse…and a fond farewell to Cheese…is better than a sick Steph!


  9. Lisa

    what a story Steph! The bad news is that you do live in the dairy state but the good news is that you are also now in the Fiskars state!!! That is better than dairy any day!

  10. Michelle 3624

    Yikes we know how you feel we have had to give up cheese also. You must let me know how it is going for you. It is kind of tough to have Mexican food without cheese. . . :0(

  11. Page

    Can you tolerate yogurt? If so, you can probably handle hard cheeses like sharp cheddar and swiss. I know it isn’t the same as cheese curds, but it is something. I love Edensoy milk, but it is more expensive and doesn’t mix well in coffee, so I usually go with Silk Soy. Good luck!

  12. kim

    Maybe you are just lactose intolerant. Try a lactaid pill-that might help.

  13. That is such bad news! Well, good that you figured it out, but bad that now you have no reason to visit Mars Cheese Castle. I love the cheese castle. You can get cheese shaped like a cow. And cheese shaped like Wisconsin. I don’t think I ate these cheeses, but I did buy them. Maybe you can go to the Jelly Belly factory instead…

  14. Dawn W #2202

    OH, that is horrible news….as a lover of cheese myself….and a CHEESEHEAD…I cannot imagine giving any of that up. You will feel better though and that is the IMPORTANT part! Hope it all works out for you. Feeling better all the time is better than all the cheese in the world.


  15. Stephanie,
    Do you think this is the cause of your sinus allergies as well? (She asks as she sits in TX with ANOTHER miserable sinus headache?) Thanks for the info I totally relate to the stress tummy issues.
    Missy C

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