in love with a dingo…

Yes, I said a Dingo!

You are probably wondering what on earth I am talking about, right?!?!!?  Well, it is this super cute little sewing cabinet from Kangaroo Cabinets/Arrow Sewing Cabinets

dingo-white-closed dingo-white-cutting dingo-white-open

I know you are all dying right now…  no, I am not an avid sewer.  I am, however, and avid crafter and when I see this, I see two of them, opened up, side by side, which equals a ton of crafting space and storage space for me and my friends! 

I think that I might have to take a little drive over to Elkhorn…  because, I am in love…



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6 responses to “in love with a dingo…

  1. Michelle 3624

    Oh that is a cool one to be in love with. . . and a new house to set them up in I am sure you have lots of room.

  2. Sara R.

    Ooh! It does look good.

  3. Tammy

    That is an awesome cabinet!!

  4. marla#3291

    Those are wonderful Stephanie and I can see your vision. I am NOT a sewer either but what a lot of fabulous storage and a wonderful work surface.

  5. OMG, I’m in LOVE!!!! I wonder if I could order that from Germany??? Probably not,…. wahhhh *sniff*

  6. Beverly

    I am in love too!!! I am a sewer and this cabinet has me excited. I have been looking for a cutting table but I think this is the answer!!! I also do other crafts like scrapbooking, etc. I love the storage!!!

    Did you get yours yet? Good luck in getting “one” or “two” of these. I think I am going to ask for this for my “big” birthday coming up.


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