and, we’re back!

From Kentucky!!!

First of all, I had a lot of fun meeting and hanging out with some great Fiskateers.  Some of them have been with us from the very very start of the program and it was great to finally put a real person to their picture!

Secondly, I can’t thank those who put up with me teaching via yelling from atop a table!!!  You guys were so patient and so great – thank you for that!


Finally, I have a couple pics to share of our adventures… now, remember how I said I got a new camera, I don’t think it was set to a very high res now that I am looking at them and editing them…  oh well!  At least you get the gist of it!  Hope you all had a fun and productively creative weekend…








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3 responses to “and, we’re back!

  1. marla#3291

    Wow Stephanie – what fun you had. I loved seeing all the great fiskar products and all the ladies working away. Great photo with Rebecca and Pinky!!

  2. Patty 2262

    Looks like so much fun. Can’t wait until you all come a little closer to Minnesota again.

  3. Holly

    Great pictures! Wish I could’ve been there.

    Question for you about Fiskars, if you know:

    Are they making the Cloud 9 Simple Thoughts Stickers anymore? I haven’t seen them in a long time & really miss them. I love using them on my LO’s when I can’t seem to find the right words …


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