i *heart* Stacy J…

in that friendship, working-relationship, crafty goodness kinda way.

Yesterday I had the best chat with her as we worked out my next adventure for BPS.  Can I just say that there is nothing better than having a conversation with someone whose creative brain works as fast or faster than your own?  Great things can happen when all of that energy is harnessed! 

After we got off of the phone, one thing is for sure – I will be launching a new 4 week class and another Projects Now! class as well!  I couldn’t be more thrilled or excited about it all! 

The other thing that I find really cool about working with Stacy and BPS is this – they truly believe in empowering women and helping them to achieve their goals professionally and creatively.  It is really an amazing group to work with because of that.  They have no interest in the normal girly cattiness – instead, they are about lifting women up, helping them be successful, and providing inspiration and support.  What more could anyone ask for!

So, enough said…  just keep your eyes open, I hope to be getting this done and out their by the middle to end of spring!


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One response to “i *heart* Stacy J…

  1. Holly

    Woohoo! I have been waiting & watching to see if you were going to have another class on BPS! I so enjoyed your Happy New You. Can’t wait to see what your next adventure brings.


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