chicken little knows best

or at least that is what I told myself this morning.  I love Zach Braff, first of all – he is too cool.  So, as the voice of “Chicken Little,” I hear him in my head saying, “Today is a new day.” I am embracing this, brushing off yesterday and moving forward…  because today is a new day…

So, a list for today…

  • Made reservations for mania at the big A tomorrow night… my first since landing in Madison.
  • Get those things off my to-do list that just sit there day to day – filing, etc… mundane tasks help me to feel better.
  • Finish up my slides for a big presentation next week.
  • Have dinner with my boys tonight.
  • Enjoy the silence at home tonight – once the kids go to bed and Matt goes bowling… 
  • Finish reading my book that I started.
  • Share with you about this book I read in one day…  tomorrow…
  • Just be comfortable in my own skin.
  • Find some time to be creative.

Okay – enough lists…  time to embrace my new day and get back to living life!


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  1. Page

    It’s kind of funny, because you have talked about Logan’s current two faves in the movie department the last few days. Chicken Little was a steady favorite for a VERY long time until he received Alvin & the Chipmunks for Christmas. We watch portions of one or the other almost every day. All-day croppin’ at Patti’s tomorrow-we will miss you!

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