oops – it’s thursday… on friday

Well… life and stomach bugs and nasy cold bugs got the best of me and the family yesterday and I forgot…



As much as I want to get out and scrapbook this weekend, this cropgirl will be at home, trying to get over whatever it is that I have!

The challenge, then, is one that I can do from home and will help me and you…  organization.

Share your favorite scrapbooking or crafting organization tip here and you might find yourself a lucky winner on Monday!  This can be home or crop bag organization… 

I will be sure to share a few myself!



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14 responses to “oops – it’s thursday… on friday

  1. Meghan

    I keep all my ribbons in HUGE glass jars, so I can see what I have. Each jar has a family of colors in it, so I know just where I need to look for something to match what I’m working on.

  2. My label maker is my most useful organisation tool!! I have little cabinets with little drawers which I keep all my little embellies like brads, buttons, eyelets etc and if I didn’t have them all labeled I’d have to open every drawer to find what I was looking for!! Love it!

  3. pattichurch

    For christmas my parents gave me a 10 drawer rolling cart thing that I store my solid scrap cardstock in. It is wonderful for when you need that little piece of whatever color you are looking for.

    I have posted a photo on my blog:

  4. Christine C

    I have two of those plastic cubes they are the perfect size for 12 by 12 papers, I have all my patterned papers in one and the plain in another, then sorted by colour or theme, the cubes are the perfect size to fit into my bookcase and are easily transported to the car for crops.

  5. Sandy "aspromised"

    I store my punches in stacking silverware drawers, they hold alot and are easy to carry

  6. Marla - #3291

    I love organizational holders, etc. I have all types of wonderful storage. I recently got some bags from Creative Memories that a storage pouches and they even have a divider in them but they fit my new Fiskars border punches beautifully. I store all my ribbon in a Cropper Hopper embellishment drawer and love this method.

  7. I use lots and lots of cheap page protectors as my main organizational tool. I keep the papers, stickers, and chipboard for each collection in its own page protector, so when it’s time to create, I can just pull the collections I want and off I go!

    I bought out the stock at Dollar Tree a couple years ago, and have been working away at the stack ever since. When I’ve used the collections down to scraps, they’re stored in my scrap drawer, and I’ve a fresh page protector to either put my finished page in, or to fill up with a new collection!

  8. Marlene

    I have all of my embellishments and stamps sorted by themes (Flowers, Baby/Kid, Holidays, Celebrations, Water, Summer, etc…) It helps a lot when looking for something to add to my pages.

  9. Jena Baker #220

    I keep a journal book which I log my page sketches and even jot down when I’ve purchased specific papers or embellishments for pages I’m want to do in the future. It comes in really handy when I finally get to sit down and scrap as it jogs my memory as sometimes I wonder “why did I ever buy this?”.

  10. Mary

    I have some big plastic clear 12×12 boxes that I use to store my paper scraps in one, stamps in another, ribbon in another, brads, eyelets and other little embellishments in another and my acrylic stamp blocks, making memories paints in the last. It helps to see what I have at a glance and are stackable for easy storage.

  11. April G

    Take stuff out of the packages and sort by type. Packaging takes up so much space. I also keep a basket on top of my desk that i can put my new stuff in so i can see it and use it.
    When I go to a crop my best tip is to make homemade kits so I dont pack a bunch of stuff i dont intend to use. I also take a large alphabet stamp set and a black and brown ink for titles. Then I dont worry too much about having just the right thing for a title.

  12. Jen Muller

    My best idea for getting a lot done at a crop is to premake “kits” with photos, paper, embellies, etc. before the crop. I try to make a bunch of these that way if I’m not feeling inspired by one set, I can just work on another. Hope you’re feeling better soon!

  13. Susan

    I keep my supplies, like scissors, pens, adhesive, etc. in clear windowed, zip up pencil bags. That way when I leave for a crop, I just throw them all in a tote bag and its easy to find what I’m looking for.

  14. My favorite tip is to try and organize Layouts in large ziplocs before I go to a crop. I still take some odds and ends, but it cuts way down on what I take…and leaves me more time to chat and eat.
    Sarah L

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