holy organization batman!

You guys rock!

Thank you so much for sharing your organizational tips.  There are a lot of good ones in there, too! 

I, however, was a total slacker and got no photos of my organization together and here is why…

Matt’s parents and his aunt and uncle came to visit yesterday.  We spent all day Saturday –  and I actually mean ALL DAY – cleaning the house, getting more boxes emptied and out to the garage, and just getting everything together before they came.  Then, Sunday, I cooked food, we all had a nice afternoon together, then the kids packed up and went to stay at Grammy and Poppy’s house for a few days.

As soon as they left, we ran to the bedroom, put our jammies on and headed back into the living room.  We curled up – Matt watching Duke vs. UNC and I read a book…  then, a transformer blew and we had no power for several hours. 

So…  I slacked off and didn’t get any pics taken or loaded – sorry!!!  I will try very hard to have some for you by Wednesday.

Now for our winner!  I will be sending you out one of my favorite things – a Creative Options box…  Here is a pic…

co(color may vary…)

And congrats to… (drumroll please!) – Linda A!!!

Thanks for all your great tips!  Happy Monday!



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2 responses to “holy organization batman!

  1. Marla - #3291

    Congrats Linda – that looks like a fun organizational tool!!

  2. Awesome! Thank you very much! 🙂

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