some thoughts on madison…

I have fallen in love with Madison, WI as well as our new hometown, Sun Prairie.  I know when we were telling people where we were going there were only 2 answers –

  1. “ooohhh… Madison!  I love Madison!”
  2. “eewww…  Why on earth would you move to Wisconsin?!?!?!”

What I have found is this…  great culture, amazing places to eat, lots of family-centered activities, and a truly friendly city. 

Now, about the food.  Most of the restaurants here give the ones in Chicago a run for their money.  (Pizza and hot dogs excluded).  You won’t find Charlie Trotter’s here with the uber expensive menu or Everest, but you will find some amazing and wonderful independent restaurants.  Here are a few of my fav’s so far:

  1. Tex Tubbs – best fish tacos ever and home of the Frito Burrito – it is a walking taco in burrito form – awesome!
  2. Market Street Diner – the coolest place with the bakery in the basement.  Great food and great service.
  3. Erin’s Snug– Irish beers, Irish food, and some American stuff like wings and burgers, too.  The fish and chips were fantastic, as was the banofee pie – bananas and soft toffee… mmmmmmmmm
  4. The Old Fashioned – if we lived in Madison itself, closer to downtown, this would be our Friday night, after work meet up.  Best cheese curds in all of Wisconsin (curse you lactose!), only WI beers are served (Bud and Miller are considered to be “imports”), a great staff, and a fun, relaxing atmosphere.  This is a must-stop for anyone coming to Madison.
  5. Madisons – Tuesday night tacos and margaritas…  need I say more?
  6. Harvest– probably one of the most upscale restaurants in town.  Organic and fancy, but the chef was named the best in Madison.  A quiet place to impress a guest or client, but great drinks and good food, too! 
  7. Gus’s Diner – a true diner…  classic style, classic food, and a great deal!
  8. Magnus– (this is on here mainly because I just love saying it!  Say it with me…  MAGNUS!)  I haven’t eaten here, but have been in for drinks.  Really nice place to hang out with friends and laugh and share a few drinks. 
  9. The Great Dane – they make their own beer and they make fantastic classic food.  Burgers, chicken, etc…  plus the best calamari in Madison (so far anyway…)

Yup, living out of hotels for six months gave me time to sample some of the local fare.  Living here, well, that has just made it even easier to check it all out!

So, the next time you head to Wisconsin (or, you dare to cross the Cheddar Curtain for my IL friends), be sure to check out some of these great local faves!



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2 responses to “some thoughts on madison…

  1. Page

    You must go to Ella’s Deli. Your kids will love it!

  2. Michelle 3624

    Well those all sound great. . . sounds like you are settling in to your new hometown.

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