finally – organization pics!

It has been a crazy week and last night I was finally able to take some photos of my crazy and somewhat obsessive organization skills of my stuff.

This post will be just about my desk.  And this truly is how I am…

I make a project, make a mess, get all my stuff out and then…  I have to put it away.

I cannot start project 2 if stuff from project 1 is still out, even if I might use the same stuff…  it is a thing I have.  Everything has it’s place and it is supposed to be there when I am done.  For the first time, I actually know what I have, where it is, and how many there are.  Another little quirk of mine is that I have a math brain.  I can remember weird sets of numbers – example 14 – the number of Kaiser Bling packages (in assorted colors, of course) that I have (2 black pearl… 1 black bling… etc…)  I kind of have my own internal inventory. 

If it is not where it supposed to be and I know that I have it, it makes my math brain want to explode so,every project starts like this…



Gets like this, then…

room2 ends the way it started again…

Yeah… I am just that Type A…

More to come!



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4 responses to “finally – organization pics!

  1. Marla - #3291

    Stephanie – I TOTALLY agree. I am the exact same way. When I am creating what a mess my area is but then sometimes my brain cant handle it and I have to stop and but everything in its place before continuing on!!

  2. Linda A.

    Too funny – my “before”, “during”, and “after” photos of any project would look pretty similar! I’m like you – one thing at a time (unless I am making multiples of something like an ATC swap, or gifts) and I even have a hard time working on something else while waiting for glue or paint to dry! The only exception is that I can have a sewing project and a papercrafting project going at the same time – but that doesn’t happen often! Guess I’m Type A too! 🙂

  3. I wish, I wish I could switch my brain and work like you. I am the OPPOSITE! I never ever clean after I am done. I start every project witha little clean-up just to free some space and every few weeks I need to do a major clean-up and put everything where it belongs LOL I hate it, but I can’t change 🙂

  4. Michelle 3624

    Oh I so want my brain to work like yours does. I am in awe and thinking I need to get my things together and back into place.

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