another look at my crazy mind…

Jenn from work got to see this first hand Friday night.  I am sure I look slightly neurotic, but…  this is how I roll…

I am a lover of the Creative Options containers – this is no secret.  One of my very first posts here was about their large paper box organizer.  This one is about my love of the hard sided organization.

Now, prepare yourself.  First, know that I love buttons.  Second, know I love to sort…

Here we go…


This is one of my favorite organizers…  this is only for my buttons…  And, here is how I organize them…




Yes… to answer the questions..

They are sorted by color, as well as by manufacturer.  I have more at home, so when something is running low, I can refill them easily. 

Okay – my neurotic brain is off to think of new labels to create…



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3 responses to “another look at my crazy mind…

  1. Lisa

    Huh, imagine that! Mine are also sorted my color in separate containers……….however not by manufacturer. You win!

  2. Oh NOOO!! I see that a couple of the yellow buttons are trying to escape into the greens!! hehe

    I also sort my buttons by colour!! Although I don’t have even a 1/4 of the amount you have!! I think I have a little button envy!!

  3. Marla - #3291

    Stephanie – You are so my kind of girl. I LOVE containers and organizational tools . In fact I am always changing styles of containers. I LOVE this container and it would even work for brads, etc. I love how you organize my color. ME TOO!!!

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