and still more crazy organizing…

of my stuff in general.

This is a Costco buy.  I *heart* Costco.  This bin set was with the garage/manly organization stuff and, yet, I knew it was for me…  So, I got it, put it together with Matt’s help and started to quickly and easily fill it with stuff.  Lots and lots of stuff. 



What I love about this system – different sized bins so it is not all once-size-fits-all, that I can make my own labels to put in, and that it has a super duty top shelf that I can use as well!  I keep a lot on top of it – my idea books, my Stacy Julian inspired photo drawers, and much more.  While it might look a tad industrial, it sure works well for me!  Also, if it is meant to hold heavy duty tools and supplies, it will definitely be able to stand up to some bling and embellies!!!



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3 responses to “and still more crazy organizing…

  1. Marlene

    Wow, Steph! I love that!!! I might have to make another trip to Costco! I love that it would all be out in the open–I bet it would fit in my craft closet. Hmmm…… Thanks for sharing.

  2. Marla - #3291

    WOW Stephanie – I LOVE this but dont have room. Some time though when I get a craft room it would be perfect. I have to be satisfied for now with half of a closet in my guest room for supplies!

  3. I am loving your organizing!

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