scary – i did digi…


I went to my cousin Jodie’s website and she had a free download to celebrate oscraps birthday… so , I tried to do it again.  And this time, I think she might actually be kinda proud!!!

Now – this will never, and I mean NEVER, take the place of real scrapping for me, but it is fun to play with for a fun change…  I just love the mess of glitter, paint, bling, and paper too much to ever give it up!

So… here is what I did…


I know it is fairly simple for me, but I think that I will leave this for the simple look and the crazy stuff for the hands-on projects!



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6 responses to “scary – i did digi…

  1. I. AM. SO. PROUD. OF. YOU! Seriously…I’m so glad you gave it another try! It is almost scary how opposite we are! I feel the very same way – just flip-flopped! And, for the record…we have paint and glitter and all that stuff – without the clean up! 🙂 Hahaha…don’t worry. I’m not going to try to recruit you completely. That is what I love about our scrapping relationship….we respect the fact that the other will never fully go our way…but we use it to help each other out!

    Seriously…I’m so stoked about your layout! You have to put it in the gallery at Oscraps! Thanks for the shout-out! You should totally send people to the blog train – there are TONS of awesome digi-freebies all week at Oscraps! That way, they could try it without investing anything! 🙂

    Love ya! We have to get together this summer! Or Spring Break. Or tonight – oh wait…that probably won’t work. Bwhaha!

  2. Tammy

    Very cute!!! I have never tried digi before, might have to.

  3. catiechurch

    Very cute page and I really like your new header… very cute.

  4. Linda A.

    This is wonderful! I love the big dotted ring! A design like this would be so much fun to turn into a hybrid page too – print it out and add some “real” embellishments to it….

    I’ll have to go check out Jodie’s site too…


  5. Debby

    I believe you did a wonderful job. I love this look.

  6. NanaBeth #2906

    This is a fantastic page-design is flawless!

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