monday morning randomness

with soy milk spilled all over the inside of my purse, rain coming down, and the temp. dropping… yup – feels like Monday!

Well… here is a recap –

Spent a lot of last week at home with the boys.  Matt was in Vegas with his family and I was at home, enjoying mommy time, cleaning the house and organizing, and I even had time to back focaccia bread, with yeast, from scratch, which I have not done since Owen was born!  We took a lot of time to hang out in the backyard, play, laugh, watch movies, and eat fun foods.  I got to sleep in until 6:30 (which, when you are normally up around 5:00 is sleeping in…) and go to bed early.  Nothing better than 8-10 glorious hours of uninterrupted sleeping…

A list…

  1. Working on NEW Big Picture Class…  hope to have it loaded and ready for preview mid-April at the latest.
  2. Heading to Boston this weekend for an event up there.  Last minute add-in…  should be fun!
  3. Excited that My Boys will be back – yeah!!!!  I LOVE that show!
  4. I think Twitter rocks now that I understand it better…
  5. Really want a true vacation – not that hanging with the boys wasn’t a great change or that travelling for work isn’t fun…  but none of that is laying on a beach, reading a trashy magazine, kind of relaxing…
  6. Excited about some new upcoming events with Fiskars
  7. Ready to clean up the scraproom again and get some layouts done
  8. Thinking it might be time for the  2009 One Week album…  what do you think???  Anyone interested???
  9. Loving the newest Thickers from AC – they are awesome!!!
  10. Ready to crank up the music and make Monday rock!?!?!?!?  Oh, yeah, in the office today – nevermind…

Okay, enough rambling…  Later!



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2 responses to “monday morning randomness

  1. catiechurch

    I am all for the 2009 week calendar!!!! I am in major need of one!!!

  2. Connie Melancon

    I have never done the one week album and willing to try!

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