It is amazing how a new day brings new life and perspective.  I cannot thank you enough for your comments and emails.  I woke up this morning, hearing the pesky Chicken Little voice again reminding me that, “Today is a new day.”  Why don’t I hear the booming voice of God or even James Earl Jones…  no, I hear Zach Braff in falsetto saying, “Today is a new day.”  Then it also dawned on me – that is the voice of God…  just coming through Chicken Little.  It is what will make me smile, listen, and move on.

I know that when it is all said and done, Owen, Matt, Jake, and I will be fine and better off as a family unit.  I know because for 10 years it was what I did.  But, after doing it for 10 years, I know that the first months of everything are the hardest.  Asking the questions, doing the testing, and waiting for the answers. 

Thank you so much for all your kind words, encouraging thoughts, and prayers.  I also know, “That which does not kill us, makes us stronger…” (Hearing Olympia Duchakus right now from “Steel Magnolias” – why is always obscure movie references!?!?!?) 

Anyway – this will make us stronger – as a family, as individual, and help Owen in so many ways. 

So, now, I am off to get some work done and enjoy my new day…


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  1. Michelle 3624

    Funny you hear Chicken Little and I hear Glenda the good witch but the good thing is they are both telling us to do the right thing. :0)

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