monday – day one

Okay… for those of you joining me from other places, we will be posting the assignments the night before (here in the US) which is daytime for you…

So – to kick off your One Week album, capture Monday. 

Here is what I mean – what does Monday mean for you?

  • a day to clean and organize once the kids are off to school?
  • back to work after your weekend?
  • a day to unwind and relax?
  • happy?
  • stressful?

Think about how you TRULY feel about Monday – the day, the word, the whole idea of Monday – a clean slate, a new week, etc…

Take photos of your day and be sure to journal your thoughts along the way…

Also – you will want to start thinking about the first page of your album…  what do you want that first, single, solitary page to represent?  A word. A photo.  A phrase.  A thought.  Start to really think about your life this week and how you can sum it up in a small way on one big page…

Tomorrow I will share some ideas with you and some tips and tricks!

I can’t wait to see what you create – be sure to link your creations here in your comments! 

Here we go…  time to start our One Week Challenge!!!!!!!!



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3 responses to “monday – day one

  1. Michelle 3624

    I am looking forward to this and have already warned my DH that is going to be going on again. Thank you so much for doing this.

  2. Ok so I am thinking not quite a wake yet up definitely thinking….

    looking forward to this.

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