Well – how was your Monday?  Mine was the definition of a Monday – we will leave it at that!

So – for Tuesday your assignment is… 


What are your daily rituals?

  • Do you always read the paper, eat breakfast, then shower?
  • Do you sing the kids to sleep at night?
  • Do you go for a walk at lunch everyday?
  • Do you take the dog out at a certain time?

What defines your everyday life?  What makes it part of the daily routine?

Whatever your ritual is – capture it!  If you have several, capture them all or pick your favorite.  I know what mine is and I can’t wait to catch it all tomorrow!!!

So, let’s get ready for Tuesday!!!



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3 responses to “tuesday

  1. Michelle 3624

    Must of been the weather mine was a Monday too! Tuesday sounds like fun.

  2. hi steph!
    how was the collins show? suzy said she got to see you!
    daily rituals- hug and kiss my girls.
    have some form of caffeine.
    blog more.
    read more or blog more.
    happy monday!

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