tuesday technique

As I had mentioned, I am going to not only give you some ideas and inspiration for each day of the one week challenge, but I will also try to show you some fun and new techniques.  So, today, I am sharing a video with you on how to make patterned paper of your own using our Fiskars Squeeze Punches!

This is super easy to do and lots of fun…  Just note that it was a rough morning getting ready, so this is not my best look – that and I am doing all the camera work myself…  not high-end production work here, but you will get the idea!

***Video clip***

The adhesive I got at Archivers, but here is their website in case you are interested in it…  DesignaTac



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5 responses to “tuesday technique

  1. Donna

    Those where some very great ideas~!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Michelle 3624

    Those are great and thanks for sharing the company site with us as I do not have an Archivers near me.

  3. April #5734

    Thanks for the tips. I have never “flocked” but can’t wait to try it on some handmade pattern paper.

  4. Loved each of your ideas!!!

  5. Christine C

    What great ideas – I can’t wait for the weekend so I can have a play – thanks for sharing.

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