finally friday one week assignment

How has your week been going?  Mine – a little crazy, but then again, that’s life, right!  And we are supposed to be capturing real life.

Which brings me to Friday…  what are the little moments that make up your life?  The little 2 minutes that make-up the best part of your day…  the quiet in the morning or evening once everyone is asleep?  The few minutes of cuddling a 2 year old or your cat?  That daily conversation with your best friend or your parent?  What makes that little moment so special to you…  whatever it is – document it!  Take pictures, journal, and just think about that little moment in time for Friday.  It is a great way to reflect on your week and get ready for your weekend!


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One response to “finally friday one week assignment

  1. Michelle 3624

    How can it be Friday’s assignment already? It seems like we just started and now I am behind a bit more. . . okay I’ ll get there in the next couple of days. :0)

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