ah… monday…

And I did nothing all weekend.  And I actually mean nothing. 

And, this is a problem because:

  • I still have a small chunk of work to do to finish my Big Picture class
  • I took no photos – at ALL – on Saturday for One Week (which is okay and I will talk about that more when I upload my pages…)
  • I still have a One Week album to finish
  • I have a yard in dire need of attention – however, it snowed a tad again yesterday, so that is probably okay…

Instead a did a lot of things to be grateful for and that make me feel like I am thriving…

  1. read books with the kids – lots of books
  2. stayed in pj’s all day yesterday
  3. snuggled with the kids
  4. played games with the kids
  5. cooked, baked, and cooked some more – risotto, homemade bread, yummy creamy potato bake, etc…
  6. enjoyed my living room and family room
  7. watched part of Goonies on TBS
  8. spent time with Matt
  9. slept until 7:00 or later both days
  10. built a fire and curled up on the couch
  11. made a good breakfast both days
  12. enjoyed actually being home
  13. watched the snow fall, then melt
  14. picked up some plants for the front of the house once spring has sprung…  in our living room for now
  15. veggie starts have also popped up in the living room for our first garden – kids super excited about that one
  16. played memory, make-believe, and star wars
  17. laughed
  18. sang
  19. savored
  20. lived

Happy Monday…  may your week be exactly what you hope for and more…



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4 responses to “ah… monday…

  1. Michelle 3624

    That sounds like the perfect weekend. . . I had a great one too time with my Honey and lots of moments that were meant to be enjoyed and lived.

    Also he found out that I go a big nuts when I need to get a project done by Monday. Really I was like this when I was going to school something is due it must be done. . . so lots of working on my album on Sunday night and I will upload pictures later and leave you a link and still need some sunshine for pictures.

  2. Michelle 3624

    Me again I got my album uploaded and I will leave you a link to the title page you can look through my gallery to see the rest.

    Thanks so much for doing this project I really did enjoy doing it again and seeing the changes in our lives.


  3. Patty 2262

    Sounds like a great weekend! I forget to do fun things with the kids sometimes…because I get caught up with everything else. Thanks for the reminder.

  4. Stephanie Meadows #3584

    These are the most important things, how awesome you had the time and indeed took the time to just hang out and enjoy your family. Love those weekends.


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