wed morning

Yesterday I had grand plans of getting into my craft room, finishing my album and sharing it…  then… Owen got sick, American Idol came on and then it was 9:30 and time for My Boys on TBS (Seriously – best show on tv…)

So…  hopefully I will be able to get some stuff done tonight and share a bit with you tomorrow. 

In the meantime…  I was looking at my new Country Living magazine last night, while Matt and Jacob were running errands and Owen was sleeping (at 6:00).  They had probably one of the best issues that I have seen in a long time.  Excellent ideas for gardening that I loved, some great craft projects, and even a very cool jewelry project.  It was fun to sit down and look at that and just get completely inspired. 

bracelet hands rake

On a sadder note, my last Simple Scrapbooks came as well.  I know that they are asking that we support the transition to CK, but SS was and will always be my favorite of all the magazines (no offense to anyone else…)  I just always loved the honest, simple approach and will greatly miss seeing all of my friends and faves in print. 

And now, time to get to work…  talk to you later!



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2 responses to “wed morning

  1. The day can get away from me too and I don’t always get the creating done that I plan on. I love the new CL…great ideas. I was worried when the new editor was coming on, but I think she is going to breath fresh air into a magazine that I adore so much.

  2. Michelle 3624

    I have not seen a CL for such along time I think it got old for me but oh these are great ideas. I love the glass holder. . . thinking if I have one of those laying around here or at my MIL house. hmmm.

    You should of been with the family that is what is important right now the book will get done. I am sure of that.

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