monday… again…

So, it is Monday.

Forgot my laptop at home, forgot my lunch at home, overslept, and dealing with the fact that I have not crafted in 10+ days…  my one week album is sitting at home, waiting for me, begging me actually, to finish it.  I have gained another 6 pounds and my pants don’t fit again…  Yeah…

However, Easter was fun… we went to the Cubs game in Milwaukee last night, playing the Brewers.  Nothing says Easter like hot dogs, peanuts, and beer…  hehehehehehehehe!  The kids had fun and so did we…  Can’t wait to do a project with some of these pics.  The boys even got baseballs from Cubs players during batting practice.  That sure made their day!

easter-11 easter2 easter3 easter41

easter5 easter6

Okay – off to restart Monday!



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2 responses to “monday… again…

  1. Connie Melancon

    Your having a Monday like me! I hope your day gets better. I really need to scrap. Just don’t have anywhere at home to do it without “little hands and helpers”. I haven’t scrapped since January!!!!

  2. Michelle 3624

    Well I love those cubs pictures. . . being from Iowa I am a long time cubs fan too.

    I hope the restart worked for you.

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