the culture of cropping

This is a topic near and dear to my heart.  The cultural part of getting together and scrapbooking.  There is something completely amazing and foreign about it to first timers.  What on earth could a group of women do in the back of a scrapbooking store for an entire evening, let alone an entire weekend?!?! 

Well – I know the answer…  bond.

What is it about this one particular craft that binds us together?  Why don’t women bond the same way over needlepoint, knitting, or even sewing?  What makes this one craft so different and so unique? 

Photos and their stories.  That’s it.  Simply put – photos and stories. 

We get together and talk about our child’s first steps, our great grandmother’s last visit, our friend’s battle with Cancer, and our wedding day.  We laugh, we cry, we inspire, and we support – even first time scrappers feel this.  We are a community of women supporting each other in ways that no outsider can truly understand.  We may meet for the first time at a table for four and by the end of the night we can be new best friends. 

There is a cultural tie that binds us together…  the culture of cropping.



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4 responses to “the culture of cropping

  1. Danielle

    I like your new layout- it’s pretty!

  2. Scrappy Val

    I agree … the culture of cropping involves also cultivation of relationships that can be very powerful and deeply meaningful … 🙂 Thanks for your blog

    Scrappy Val

  3. Lisa

    Oh how true this is!

  4. Michelle 3624

    It is all about friendship and having a place that you can say and do things where you are not judged. . .

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