telling your stories

This is another one of those topics that I think we often forget about.  The whole point behind the scrapbook is to provide more info than you get out of the traditional photo album.  So, if it is just picture and a name – maybe a date, did we really tell the story?

I know that I am personally sometimes very bad about this myself.  I get all caught up in a world of stamps, punches, buttons, and raindots, forgetting that it goes beyond making a pretty page and into tell the story.  I forget to leave a place to journal or a forget to add in that funny phrase that they said when the picture was taken. 

This is why I truly believe in carrying paper or a journal with me almost everywhere.  What is wrong with ripping it out of the notebook and adding it to the page?  Nothing – nothing at all!  It was written at the moment in time when the event happened if you carry it with you and your camera, so what is a better marker for that moment than the note made at that exact moment in time?  Again, nothing!

So, this week I challenge you to really think about your scrapbook pages…  are they beautiful, well labled photo albums or are they truly telling the stories of your life?



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2 responses to “telling your stories

  1. Marla - #3291

    Stephanie – I totally agree with you that sometimes the stories are left out of the scrapbook pages. I have really tried working hard on this since seeing a scrapbook lifestyles video from Patti Duffner. I love to look at others scrapbooks and read their stories. It just isnt as fun when it is just photos, names, and dates. Thanks for the encouragement to keep on journaling!!

  2. Stephanie #3485

    When I journal, I just think of what I’d tell someone about the page that doesn’t know what’s going on in it. Like my family will know right now, but my great grandkids won’t know unless I have it written there for them. I love to journal, sometimes I have to make myself stop.

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