monday monday…

Well – I am still recovering from the weekend, but that’s good, right?

I had a blast hanging out with the kids and Matt this weekend.  Saturday we were outside a lot, enjoying our yard and the wonderful spring weather.  (I did disappear for about 2 1/2 hours however, to take a jewelry class at the bead store in town – which was fun!!!!) Then yesterday, I made crepes for breakfast, we went to church, and then it was a rainy pajama day.  I worked on finishing up a lot of my next Big Picture class and the boys played and watched the Clone Wars movie. 

I just love weekends like this.  They just leave me feeling so great…

So, how was your weekend????



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3 responses to “monday monday…

  1. catiechurch

    Mine was really good too. I went to the drive in with my boyfriend. The last movie I saw at the drive in was Hercules. haha It was a lot of fun!

  2. Tona

    My weekend was great. The weather was wonderful so I got a lot or gardening/yardwork done.

  3. Michelle 3624

    My weekend was time on the couch getting rid of this dang bug on Saturday. Sunday church and a coffee date it was a nice weekend but now I have to play catch up. . . on Monday.

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