For some reason, I have been thinking about traditions a lot lately.  Why we do what we do… 

I have been working on my latest class for Big Picture which is going to be a lot to do with photos and I think that is what has started this.  I have been going through stacks and stacks of old pictures and really thinking about them a lot lately and the word tradition keeps coming up time and time again.

Also – my grandpa just turned 80, my grandma just finished yet another round of chemo, the kids are growing up faster than fast, and I think that all of this is hitting me.  Life moves fast… 

So, why do we do what we do and how do we preserve those stories?  For me the answer is clear – in a layout.  This morning while getting ready for work, an entire layout and a story to go along with it came into my mind.  It is an amazing story of a silly game that I used to play with my Great Grandfather – Walter – that we still play to this day with Jacob, that is Jacob Matthew Walter Hamen.  So… as you can see, it is a story waiting to be told…

What little things do you do today that are traditions or small little things that have been passed down over generations that you can share with your family?  How will you document those moments? 

Let me just tell you – as soon as I can, that layout will be created and come to life…  Because that little tradition of podge podge playing needs to be told…


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  1. Mary

    One of our traditions is we always sit down together to eat dinner as a family. That is something my husband and I also do and we want to continue that with our kids too (Someday).

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