had a few days off… (and some love)

Well, not really.  We did take Tuesday and Wednesday as a family together to hit the Dells last week for waterpark fun, but, then I was working at a wonderful event in St. Louis Thursday thru yesterday, so I am just getting back into the swing of things… sorry!

Now for the love…  I wrote this post longhand in my journal on the plane yesterday…  need to share this… then I will move on to something else later today or tomorrow… this, however, needs to be said…

It is amazing to me how a book, an article, or even just a few eloquently written or spoken words  can change you.  This weekend was all about that for me.  It has been the kick in the pants or smack in the back of the head that I have been needing.

In a 90 minute talk, one woman, a woman that I admire, respect, and proud to know spoke to me about life and about change.  Not just to me, but to a whole crazy group of scrappers that I was proud to be a part of.  Her words were meant for them, mostly, as I sat perched on a stage with my fellow teachers and make-n-takers, as if at a wedding, seated at the head table. 

She was there for them – I, however, had the joy of listening in.  Slowly but surely…  scratch that…  rapidly and instinctively I was locked on her every word.  She is infectious, endearing, brilliant, engaging, inspiring, and all of those other adjectives one can use. 

She talked about embracing your creativity, your life, and more.  About making time to play. Enjoying life. Capturing life. Living life… and so much more than that…

I frantically took notes, tears streaming down my cheeks at times, as I felt everyone else in that room melt away.  It was as if she was there just for me.  She hit a spot in my mind, my heart, and my soul that made me take a step back and just listen to her.

90 minutes later, she was done.  A smile on her face and white-hot glow in my heart.

When it was all done, I walked up to this woman, this mentor, this icon that I have been blessed over the last year to spend time with (always pinching myself quietly to make sure it is real), collaborate with and I told her what was in my heart at that moment – I am proud to teach for her at BPS.  She makes me proud to be a scrapbooker.  She makes me a better person every time I am with her or talk to her on the phone.  She inspires me spiritually, creatively, and artistically.  I treasure each of those moments with her.

So, to you, the absolutely amazing Stacy, I say thank you.  Thank you for being one of those 5 people that make me a better me…  I am sure I am not alone in having you on that list.  Thank you, my dear friend, thank you.



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6 responses to “had a few days off… (and some love)

  1. How sweet..and true. I’ve heard her speak a number of times..and yes..come away with that white glow!

  2. What a wonderful tribute to Stacy J – and just so on target. I wasn’t in St. Louis but have heard her at an event keynote – and believe she could be an inspirational speaker for any type of event [businesses other than scrapbooking] i don’t know her personally but she just seems to LOVE LIFE and is so great at sharing with others how to do just that! Glad you had a great time!

  3. awesome post – wish i could have been there to hear it!!! you’ll have to spread the love and fill me in the next time we’re together!

    now, on a less serious note…am i on that list? just curious…ROFL!

    (for those reading this who don’t know me – i am totally kidding…LOL!)

  4. She is something, isn’t she? I was lucky to hear her talk last year. Stacy rocks!

  5. umm, gwarsh.
    that was very generous.
    Thank YOU so much for listening to me in the way that you did.

    I’m am so blessed to work in this industry — blessed to rub shoulders with women, like YOU!

  6. Laura Casey

    Thanks, Steph, for sharing this experience….and you, my friend, have been a mentor to me…..HUGGS and lots of love…xoxoxox

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