NSD Results

Not stellar…  only 2 layouts done.  So sore from all the gardening work earlier in the day that my body was in slow motion… 

easter1 easter2

wff1 wff21 wff32

I have also made a decision to card craft more…  every time I finish a layout, I use the leftovers to make a card.  So here are the cards I made, too!

hi-card love-card

So – that’s it.  I am slightly disappointed in myself.  NSD has always been a day where I lock myself away with friends at a crop and really get a lot of work done.  Not so much this time.  Few reasons/excuses to justify myself:

  1. Matt was gone late afternoon/evening
  2. Sunny and 65 degrees outside – need I say more
  3. yard work was calling
  4. Wanted some fun play time with the kids
  5. First weekend we could get to the farmers market

I am sure there is more.  That is what I get, however, for not going out somewhere.  When you stay home for NSD, this is what happens!  Oh well – still had fun and I hope you all did too!



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2 responses to “NSD Results

  1. Stephanie Meadows #3584

    oh but what you DID do is OH SO IMPORTANT. Family fun is always the best.

    With NSD, EVERY DAY is scrapbook day anyway.

    These are great layouts and I love the little details, the key, the embossing, etc. I don’t tend to do little details like that.

  2. Marla#3291

    What fun to get some scrapping done for NSD. I would have loved to have been able to scrapbook but not this year as I had guests staying in my scrapbook room. Oh well.

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