This is a word I think that makes us all cringe, so imagine my surprise when I was at a presentation and Stacy J used it as the next step in the creative process.  It threw me for a loop.  In her definition, however, it meant a crossroads or a time for change.  Now that definition I liked.

I think we all get to those points, creatively and in life.  We go about our lives, learning, changing, and growing and come to this point of “crisis” where we have to decide…  do we push ourselves to be more and move ahead and take that leap? or, do we stay still and live where we are in life?

I was in that place this time last year.  It has been about a year since I was talking with Suzanne about moving up here and taking this job.  School was coming to a quick close, summer was fast approaching, and my second term as a lead Fiskateer was dawning.  It was a time of decision.  It was a crossroads in life.  It was my time of crisis.

With eyes shut, fingers crossed, and a prayer in my heart, I leapt into the unknown.  11 months ago I changed the course of my family forever.  11 months ago I embraced my word for the year – change – and made a major life decision and major life change.  So, 11 months later, how is it going?

  1. We are together as a family – boys playing in a real yard, on their own swingset and laughing.
  2. I am working in garden, as well as craft, which is  a change from a few months ago – one that is taking some getting used to and taking time to learn and process, but in the end I think will open me up to even more possibilities in life.
  3. I am submitting more for publication and travelling more as a teacher and educator for Fiskars.  This is fun.  My heart still lies in being with people – getting out, laughing and teaching about this business is still my favorite part of the job.
  4. I am teaching more at BPS starting in a few months, which in and of itself is exciting. I feel totally blessed to be a part of that team and to get to expand my class base there as well.
  5. Change continues to happen and probably should have been my word for this year, too.  I have to admit that I did a better job embracing it last year than I am this year.  Probably because I had more control over it last year and a lot of it this year happens around me and to me without my input at all.  That is tough – when someone else is driving.
  6. It is May of 2009 and “thrive” is my word for this year.  I am thriving in some ways, but not in all the ways I want to be.  I know that with patience and perseverance, however, it will come.

So… the moral of the story.  Crisis is not always bad, in fact it can be inspirational and extrodinary when choices are made.  It can even be somewhat liberating. 

That is my story for today…  just wanted to share and clear my head a bit.  Now, back to some garden ed. planning!



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2 responses to “crisis

  1. Change is good all the time. All the time change is good. 🙂

  2. Sara R.

    We experienced our own “crisis” in September and somehow it’s beginning to look bright and do-able! 😉 Change is hard, but often wonderful!

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