a list… of random stuff on my mind…

  1. Owen is turning 5 soon.  The last 5 years have been the fastest of my life.
  2. Crafting makes me happy even on the gloomiest of days.
  3. People are inherently good, but can be really really mean when they want to be.
  4. Migraines suck.
  5. Gardening is quiet, peaceful, and purposeful.
  6. Excel is a horrid program.
  7. My boys have the softest hair.
  8. Laughing loudly, hard, and often is good for the soul.
  9. Joy is a great word – and, if I ever have a fish, I will name her/him Joy.
  10. Happy about Danny Gokey – just wish I could drive to Milwaukee tomorrow.
  11. Gratitude is like magic.  The more you have of it, the more you want of it, and the more opportunities you have to use it again.
  12. Bunnies are cute until they are pooping in your backyard and digging in your flower beds.
  13. I have too many scrapbook pages piled and not in albums.
  14. I packed a project to work on at lunch…  again, crafting makes me happy.
  15. I am walking a 3K for Melanoma in two weeks…  I might die.  Yes, I am that out of shape.
  16. Have you ever noticed how pretty fog really is when you aren’t trying to drive in it?
  17. Orange is such a happy, funky color.
  18. Family is the best medicine for just about anything.
  19. Naps – good.
  20. I always have time for a bear hug…  they are the best kind, you know.


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5 responses to “today…

  1. Stephanie Meadows #3584

    You realize that everyone that reads this will now run up to you and give you bear hugs, right? I promise, when we meet again, I will NOT give you a bear hug, but WILL mention it. 🙂
    #8-May it not produce pee. 🙂
    This is a great list. Thanks for this.

  2. mflaum

    loving your list… especially the 3k/dying part. Thanks for making me feel fit. ROFL!

  3. Lisa

    Love the list and #13 is totally me!

  4. Michelle 3624

    What a great list. . . Love that you can find the best in life’s little moments.

  5. Love your list Stephenie!! It’s a great one to scrapbook off of! There was a fleeting moment where I thought I should join you on the melanoma walk, but I had to laugh at the thought- I might die at 2k. I have you beat – and not in a good way!! (LOL)

    Love the piece of pink hair – it’s a good thing. take care!

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