yes – it is pink

This piece of hair is pink… and here is why.


No – I have not become a drug dealer, a punk-rocker, or anything like that (which, incidentally, are the looks I have been getting…) Not that a punk-rocker is a bad idea…  kinda like that one actually…  Plus, I already have a tattoo… hmmm… anyway… I digress…

Instead – I am a supporter of the Susan G. Koman Association.  My hair salon is doing a fundraiser…  pink hair to save lives.  Personally, I thought it was a fun, spirited, and very visual way to show my support of mothers, sisters, friends, aunts, cousins, partners, etc… all around the world.  Just my tiny part to help bring a little awareness this Mother’s Day…  and beyond.



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3 responses to “yes – it is pink

  1. Stephanie Meadows

    Oh, wait til Pinky sees this! I imagine this is what she gets all the time.
    I think this is a great, outside the box, fundraiser. Very cool.

  2. Michelle 3624

    I think you look great with a little pink. . . and what a great cause.

  3. Tamara

    I think that’s a fantastic idea! And it looks great on you too 🙂

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