a story… another CG Adventure tale…

The Plain Jane Story – Location – Greenville, SC – Airport Terminal A5

Have I ever told you guys how much I love crafters and their stories?  I think you all know, but there is just something amazing about crafters and their ability to open up and just chat, share, and bond?

Well, this story is about Jane… 

Jane was sitting and knitting behind me as we were waiting for our once again delayed flight on United…  (see irritated post below…) when she saw my pile of buttons and turned around.  You see, Jane is a retired seamstress and tailor and was curious to know what I was doing with all of my buttons.  We quickly struck up a wonderfully great conversation about our interests in crafting and about me using buttons on a layout and not for making clothes!

Jane was married at the ripe old age of 14… yes, my friends, I said 14.  At that point, she was whisked away from the Greenville, SC area to Eugene, OR.  She quickly became a mother and eventually she became a single mother.  She told me about her early interest in sewing and how without that God-given talent, she would have never been able to find work or clothe her children.  She told me of her favorite job ever and how it must have been a miracle, especially created for her…  she sold sewing machines at JC Penney.  Her job was to sew, show people how to create things, and then encourage them to purchase the machines.  JCP provided all of the fabric, etc… that she needed.  So, what was she able to do?  Create Christmas dresses and Easter dresses for her children.  Make stuffed animals as gifts for them as well.  She created all of their clothing.  The only stipulation was that they were on display for a week or so until she changed them out with something else.  She just glowed as she talked about her experience working there.  It was so fun to hear.

She went on to talk about how now she creates clothing for people with special needs.  This is something that she truly loves doing and is so passionate about it. 

I could have talked with her all day.  She was an amazing woman with an ability to tell stories like no other. 

Thank you Jane, for sharing your passion for sewing with me, as well as your great stories.  It is because of you, that I am once again reminded of how blessed I am to be a crafter.



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6 responses to “a story… another CG Adventure tale…

  1. Tammy

    What an awesome story!

  2. Stephanie Meadows #3584

    that’s so great. At that point in her life back then, it had to be so difficult, but now as she looks back on it, it’s probably the best days and so much was learned from that experience. I love this. God is so awesome to provide for us, even when we think it’s the worst time in our lives, He uses it to His glory and for our benefit. Great story Steph!

  3. Meghan

    What an awesome story Steph! She must have been amazing to chat with 🙂

  4. Lisa

    What an amazing connection………and do not doubt why that delay happened! You met Jane!

  5. I love the lines at the top of your blog!

    As a fellow button lover can I invite you to enter my button competition?
    I will post them anywhere

  6. Michelle 3624

    Wow what a great story. .. oh the places and the people that life leads to us!

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