a passion

have you ever been so passionate about something that it sometimes is a bit all-consuming?

That is me with crafting.

Right now work is super busy and life at home is crazy and I find myself longing for time to create.  Time to play.  Or even time to upload photos in some sort of organized way.

For example…  on my trip to Greenville last week, I packed stuff to do an entire 6×6 album of Owen – then and now… him turning 5.  I got the whole thing done in the airport.  By the way – the let portable paper trimmers through security… so cool!

Anyway…  I digress.  I found myself so happy in the airport and on the plane trimming pictures, cutting paper, then putting it all together.  I finished it and love it… but… I have yet to take a picture of it to share.  Why?  Because the minute we landed, I was running again.  I am finding it sad that I have this great space now at home and I am barely able to use it.  I am either travelling for work and crafting on the plane or trying to make up all of that time I am gone with the kids and with Matt.  I am trying to clean up around the house, make dinner, bake and decorate birthday cupcakes, and just be a mom, that by the time the kids are in bed and asleep, that is where I want to be.

What I wouldn’t give for a weekend.  Just one weekend.  With friends, all our stuff spread all over the place.  A big table (not one of the plastic ones – a real table).  Pictures piled high.  And time.  Time to create.  Time to play.  Time to laugh.  Time to relax.  Time to just live.

There is a passion in my soul that burns hot and bright… it is a passion to create. 

So… on Monday, I will be the girl in the airport with a bag of stuff for scrapbooking something, anything, that I can think of.  The airport is my new crop room.  At least for the next couple of months.  See you there?



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3 responses to “a passion

  1. marla#3291

    Wow Stephanie – I would have never thought to make the airport my crafting area but at least you are getting the albums and pages done for your children. They should be glad that they have a mother who is so passionate about it that she goes out of her way to get it done!!

  2. Marlene

    So, when do you want to come over. You can have and 8ft real wood table all to yourself! 🙂

  3. Stephanie Meadows #3584

    I can’t even imagine pulling stuff out at the airport, it seems there just wouldn’t be enough room. I guess it matters too how much time you have and if you can find a good spot. So, maybe I could.
    Good for you. This is great.

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