i have returned from the abyss

I swear.  I am definitely back… at least for a few days.  I have 2 more events this week and next, but my goal is to be here, sharing, writing, etc…

A few little bits to share…

  1. I will be in Atlanta, GA this weekend to help with a garden makeover on Saturday.
  2. I will be in Franklin, TN next weekend for the ScrapInStyle.com live event
  3. I miss my kids when I am gone that much.
  4. Today all of the following start:  Bible School, T-Ball, and Swimming Lessons.  Thank goodness for Matt!
  5. I need to do a gratitude list…


So, gratitude list:

  • Tylenol PM/Benadril – either one, really, help me get a full night of sleep
  • Wii fit – for showing me what I look like as an overweight adult in cartoon form – I needed that kick in the pants…
  • Yummy homemade cookies (ignore the Wii fit comment…)
  • Friends
  • Good headphones – can focus more at work on work with music playing only for me…
  • Twitter…  just so much fun.
  • Dinner with my family.
  • A relaxing Sunday of nothing…  Church, lunch, then sitting on the deck, feet up, magazine in hand, and watching the boys play.  Food on the grill…  and a night of family-friendly tv together.  Who could ask for more? (Other than the kids going to bed without arguing…)
  • Time with my brother, Shawn, his wife, Leslie, and their dogs, Betsy and Bailey, Friday and Saturday at mom and dad’s.  I love family time.
  • Riding a Harley for the first time.  (My brother is a great person for the first ride – he’s a certified safety instructor…)
  • Doing my first layout in 6 weeks.
  • A chance to cry a good cry…  sometimes it is just needed.
  • Iced tea/iced tea makers (I have nooooo patience for sun tea anymore)
  • Matt

I have more, but that is enough for now. 

So, starting today, the blog blitz is on…  watch for new posts, new projects, and new article links…  I hope to really get it going strong again!





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5 responses to “i have returned from the abyss

  1. catiechurch

    It is great that through all of the craziness that is happening around you, you can still sit and make a large list of thinks that you are thankful for. Sometimes we all just need to do this.

  2. Stephanie Meadows #3584

    Hey, hope you get time to breathe in there. I too love my Benedryl, but my life isn’t as hectic as yours.
    Hate to miss ya in Franklin next week, so close to me. Darn it. But you’ll have a blast.
    If you go to Nashville, see if someone will take you to eat at Rotiere’s. They have an awesome Frenchbread Cheeseburger. Award winning actually.

  3. Meghan

    Woo hoo! Nice gratitude list 🙂

  4. Tammy

    Welcome back! You have been missed!

  5. Sounds awesome…sorry you are away from the family so much, but you have an awesome hubby to keep things going for ya! 🙂 I have just recently started checking out the SIStv site – it is awesome!! I’ll have to check out the live event info! Have a great week!! 🙂

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