the boomerang…

Have you seen this thing!?!?!?!?!?!

I got a chance to check it out at CHA – it is completely awesome!  I love that it folds in on itself – if you have limited space, like a lot of people, you can store your stuff neatly, but then go crazy when it is time to get serious about getting some crafting done…

Boomerang1 Boomerang2

The Masterminds behind this are the group from Arrow Cabinets here in Wisconsin – Elkhorn, WI to be exact!  They were founded in 1943 and make some of the coolest sewing cabinets on the market.  Now, with the addition of the Boomerang, scrapbookers can rejoice and partake as well!

If you like the looks of this great and groovy cabinet, be sure to check out the contest currently running over on the Fiskateer website!


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